November 19, 2018

Want to know why Building Inspections are essential?

We recently inspected a beautiful home in City Beach which was quite modest for the area and very close to the beach, the property is only 40 years old and sits in a commanding position looking down the coast towards Fremantle.

An inspection of the roof found something very uncommon and quite unusual but quite costly if missed.

The roof is covered with Terracotta roof tiles and all appear to be in good condition, looking over the front elevation of the roof, the glazed tiles were in a good condition with no to little defects.

However, looking at the roof covering at the East facing side of the roof (away from the coast), the Terracotta roof tiles were heavily fretted, the water channels to the tiles had deteriorated and were crumbling across most of the roof in the area which could not been seen without removing roof tiles to inspect.

This issue has been caused by the turbulent effects of coastal winds where over time, where the winds have been impacting the coast facing roof tiles, but the turbulent effect of the wind spiraling over the ridge of the roof has deteriorated the roof on the East side of the roof and reduced the life of the tiles by half, the roof on the East side was more conducive with a 80 year old roof.

This type of damage is easily missed if the right people are not working on your behalf and can be very costly to repair.

Our report secured a heavy reduction of the cost of purchasing the property to allow for a re-roof.

With 45 years of building experience and one of Perth’s best Building Inspectors, you will be Smart choosing Smart Building Specialists to represent on your interests.