Dilapidation Reports

Dilapidation Surveys

With Perth’s ever-growing population rise and re-zoning of established areas, more and more people are finding developments being built either next door or within 100m from their property.

Increasingly we are finding surrounding properties are sustaining sub sequential damages as a result of construction, in the form of cracking to internal and external areas.

Many Perth residents are not aware that if you have not had a dilapidation report completed on your property prior to the building works commencing and then find cracking to your property, the chances of you recovering the cost of rectification works from the builder are highly unlikely, as it cannot be proven the damage is not pre-existing.



SMART Building Specialists can complete a full comprehensive dilapidation survey in Perth to ceilings and walls, prior to construction to the general public and builders, this will outline the property condition prior to construction taking place, providing you with evidence if needed to support any claim for damages sustained to your property or for fraudulent claims against builders.

Our dilapidation reports are completely impartial do will not take side, we believe in protecting all parties concerned.

What is Dilapidation?

The term dilapidation relates to damage that may occurred to a building that can be caused by construction work, excavation or demolition work. It’s increasingly common to see more and more homes that have been effected by dilapidation. You might not be aware, but if there is a building site within 100 metres to your home, the chances of your home experiencing dilapidation throughout the term of the construction are very high, which is why our team recommend that your home and property undergo a dilapidation survey prior to any nearby construction, to ensure that any damage occurred to your property from the construction or building sites within proximity, can be determined, covered and maintained.

What is a Dilapidation Report?

A Dilapidation Report is a survey completed by the team here at SMART Building Specialists, which outlines the property or house condition prior to construction work taking place near or around your property. In this dilapidation report, you will find a thorough examination of the property, including both internal and external examinations. All of our dilapidation reports are impartial and will not take either parties side, as we aim to deliver a thorough, honest report that protects all parties concerned.

The costs associated with our team completing a dilapidation survey on your property can vary each time as no two properties are the same. Depending on the size and the area that you wish our team to survey, will depend on the overall costs associated. For a better understanding of the costs involved in a dilapidation report, our team will be more than happy to assist your enquiry.

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