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Real Estate Industry

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Trends towards Pre Purchase Building Inspections are on the increase, where an inspection will eventually become the norm in the market. We are aware that where issue are raised in reports, it increases the work load of the agent to manage the repairs and delays the completion of the sale, thereby decreasing the volume of sales over the calendar year.


SMART Building Specialists not only offers Pre Purchase Building Inspection Report, we also provide the repair service to allow the agent to close the sale as quickly as possible.

Any issues that are raised are recorded and images present as proof, a cost estimate for the repair can also be provided and repairs concluded quickly through by our maintenance team.

We have a large data base of contractors who are vetted and understand the need for fast turnover of repairs, to enable the agent to clinch the deal quickly and to satisfy the purchaser expectations.


Managing an investment property can be wrought with problems and stress, we understand that it’s hard to keep ahead of maintenance issues that may arise during the tenancy agreement, the tenants may not have advised you of the issues or the maintenance may not have been noted during a property inspection, we also understand that that its difficult from property managers to inspect the entire property in the short amount of time allocated to the inspection.
Hidden areas such as roof coverings, gutters, valley trays and down pipes are not always accessible but are a constant causes of damage as a result of a maintenance issue.


Let SMART Building Specialists carry out a 6 month maintenance inspection which will provide you with a full report of the property condition, preventative maintenance issues and a planned maintenance schedule if required.

With our qualified and vetted trade base, all with many years of experience, we can provide a full and comprehensive maintenance service to suite your needs.

Dispute Resolution & Mediation Services

We understand a vacating tenant may be troublesome where damage can be disputed and bond retention situation can take up valuable time, preventing you from completing other tasks.


SMART Building Specialists can offer quick mediation services in the form a dispute resolution report, which will be completely impartial and will not take sides, helping you resolve the issue and close your file with greater speed and less stress.

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