April 11, 2021



Building inspections are vital to any successful property buyer or seller, that is why the team at SMART Building Specialists conducted by our expert building inspecting specialists provide full service building inspections and thorough reports.


Professional building inspectors like the experts at SMART Building Specialists assist buyers to make an informed decision on their investment. Sellers can also speak with our local Perth based building inspection experts to iron out any deficiencies before presenting their property to prospective buyers. Buying a property could be the biggest investment you ever make. 


Roof Cover

If a property’s roof has not been well maintained sooner or later issues will arise. We often find cracking to the cement which bonds the ridge and hip caps. This issue creates many problems including water leaks into the property and more.


Non Compliant Roof Frame

There are many essential and structural components that make up a roof frame. The inspectors at SMART Building Specialists often find issues in this area including; missing collar ties, timber struts, roof straps and tie downs. Our team of experts also find incorrect installation of support beams, lack of triple grips and cantilevered underpurlins that result in a non compliant roof frame. 


Delignification to Timbers

SMART Building Specialists often find issues with the timber in roof cavities. They suffer from general rot and unsafe roof timbers, leading to an unsafe roof and the reduced life expectancy of the roof itself. 


Undilation to Ceilings

In layman’s terms, sagging to the ceiling. Our team of building inspection experts can identify the severity of this issue and advise on which remedies will need to be taken. Undilation is not always an immediate threat, however a carefully considered plan on which actions need to be taken is critical as ceilings can simply fall to the ground if the detachment is not detected. The detachment of your ceiling is considered a maintenance issue and your insurance company will not cover a fallen ceiling if undilation is detected.


Pest Activity

Many properties do not show this on the surface, but may have an infestation of pests causing you problems from the inside. Our Perth based team of expert building inspectors can identify this and discuss a plan to remedy this infestation. We have a trained eye and can also identify issues that will increase the possibility of pest activity in the future.


Fire Hazards

Our building inspections often find fire hazards which require immediate attention or careful prevention planning. Examples include insulation around halogen lights contained in roof cavities which pose immediate or upcoming threats and require attention. We also see missing junction boxes for mains power and lighting circuits in roof cavities, again causing potential fire hazards.


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With our team of experts who combined have over 55 years of experience we have seen it all, giving you the peace of mind that we will get it right. SMART Building Specialists will arm you with the knowledge to rectify current problems as well as avoiding and preventing potential future problems! SMART people choose Smart Building Specialists. 


Take a look at our Building Inspection page to see the thorough areas that we report on. The report will analyse all of the above listed aspects and inform the potential buyer of any problems that may exist on the property. We make sure you are completely in the know about the property you may be purchasing. The purchase of that property may be the biggest investment you ever make.


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