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Over 45 Years Industry Experience

Insurance Industry

We offer specialised comprehensive reports including thermal imagery to panel builders and insurance companies alike.

  • We understand the insurance industry is very demanding and claim turn over times are essential for your clients, we also understand that your specialist trade reports and invoice can takes weeks which prevent you from either submitting your reports or finalising the claim.
  • Trying to find points of water entry or plumbing leaks within a property can be very time consuming and result in unnecessary damage due to excavations of walls/cabinetry, extending claim life and frustrating the policy holders which causes low customer service scores.

  • Engage with Smart Building Specialists and we can provide specialised inspection reports and invoice within 48 hrs of attending site, allowing you to submit your finding to the insurer of your policy holder quickly.
  • With our state of the art thermal imaging cameras, we can provide non-invasive thermal imagery evidence of leaking pipework to shower recesses, kitchens, laundries and sub-flooring. Our cameras will also detect points of water entry to ceilings, walls and windows without the need for damaging excavations to tiling, cabinetry and concrete slabs to provide the exact cause of damage and point of water entry.